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Integrated production: quality, ecology, well-being.

Integrated production: quality, ecology, well-being.

Integrated production

In order to increase further the biological consistency, we apply the severe growing standards set out by the "production regulations" of the Regional Agro-environmental program for Piedmont. This Program is concerned about the European Regulations No. 2078/92 and their purpose to reduce the use of fertilizers and phytopharmaceuticals as well as to favour the spreading of the growing methods of "integrated production": an intelligent and selective use of chemical substances, the return to natural manuring, the re-conquering of natural equilibrium thanks to which the birds, insects and acari become precious allies in the struggle against parasites. The result from this all are products with high quality, organoleptic and aesthetic standards.

We also apply a "
Self-control Plan" which eliminates the risks of hygienic contamination connected to the process of production, storage, working and packaging of fresh fruit. The applied procedures refer to the survey system and method of analysis defined as HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) in compliance with Law Decree No. 155 of 26/05/1998 regarding the introduction of the EC-Directives 93/43 and 96/3. Such system develops the following survey points:

  • analysis of potential risks for the treated food;

  • detection of the points where such products may be at risk;

  • description of the checks, corrective actions and interventions which have to be provided for the identified critical points, in order to eliminate all the risks for the safety of products;

  • the recognition and application of certain procedures for control and inspection;

  • continuous up-to-dating and periodical review of the motoring actions, analysis of risks and control and inspection procedures.

The attention for ecology and quality is also pointed out by the program "Ombrello Azzurro" (Light-blue Umbrella). The “Ombrello Azzurro” is the brand that countersigns the PONSO products: a symbol of quality and respect for the soil and its fruits; the symbol of integrated production.


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