The company

Over fifty years of experience, commitment and hard work, but also of great feedback and satisfaction: this is the balance of our fruit growing activity.

In continuous evolution

The project has constantly engaged all our resources and can boast today a product as close as possible to the spontaneity of nature, worked with modern production, conservation and packaging technologies.

Everything started from the increasingly evident needs that consumers have shown in recent years. That is, to have quality and flavor products, cultivated by drastically reducing the use of treating products and favoring systems designed to safeguard the naturalness of the fruit.

Requests made by consumers and clearly presented by market demands, qualified interlocutor and reference point for production orientation.

The main objective

In order to provide this type of service and respond professionally and globally to customer requests, PONSO production has thus arrived, intended for the attentive, precise and demanding consumer: your satisfaction is also ours.

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